Full fight: Daniel Dubois v Nathan Gorman

Full fight replay of the heavily-anticipated British Heavyweight title fight between rivals Daniel Dubois and Nathan Gorman.

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47 thoughts on “Full fight: Daniel Dubois v Nathan Gorman

  1. Looks like Hattons been taking Gorman out on the razzle , not training him in the gym. Pie and a pint diet me thinks.
    Don't think he got into double figures on punches thrown in every round. Absolute gash!

  2. Feel sorry for Gorman I was in the barbers today with him and he says his head wasn’t in it his little baby was in intensive care 3 weeks before the fight so he didn’t train and it must be so hard for something like that …. but good news is there’s a rematch in 12 months

  3. This is what would happen if Tyson stopped ducking Anthony Joshua. Only Joshua would take out Fury in 3 rounds because Fury not that much better then Gorman while Joshua much more powerful, faster, accurate then Dubois. Fury won't make it pass 3 rounds with Joshua after he beats Ruiz Jr in rematch

  4. I can't understand why trainers teach their fighters to throw lead left hooks. Virtually every hook Gorman has thrown has been beaten by DuBois' straight right hand. Stick to the jab first and hook off of it, unless one has the speed of a mongoose, then go for the lead hook. This is bad instruction from his trainers.

  5. I dont know what the big fuss is all about. Dubois is Frank Warren's 'most exciting prospect!'. I grew up as a boy in the era of Ali, Liston, Frazier, Foreman, Shavers, Norton and later Holmes. Dubois would never be highly rated, and Gorman would be no more than a journeyman. But the heavyweight division's standard nowadays is so average that people are satisfied with little

  6. This guys only 21 and is probably the future of heavyweight boxing. But it’s crazy to think Mike Tyson was only 20 and already world champion, beast!

  7. Gorman is poor considering the hype. Looks ok against plumbers but just short of British Champion level is about right at the moment.
    Hatton is a good guy to have in your camp but not sure as a trainer. Hatton was a tough competitor but didn't have much skill range or ring IQ as a fighter so why pick him as a trainer?
    DDD Joe Joyce should be interesting.
    Both big punchers and Joe has the size advantage but DDD moves better.
    Joyce' habit of blocking punches with his face probably won't work against DDD bombs so he may actually have to try moving his head.
    As for Gorman, if he gets in shape, works on footwork, head movement and the jab he may possibly get somewhere…

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