Golovkin vs. Brook 2016 – Full Fight (HBO Boxing)

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Gennady Golovkin traveled to Kell Brook’s hometown and extended his consecutive knockout streak to 22 in a row with a fifth round stoppage against the then undefeated prize fighter. Golovkin vs. Jacobs happens Saturday, March 18 live on pay-per-view beginning at 9pm ET/6pm PT.

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21 thoughts on “Golovkin vs. Brook 2016 – Full Fight (HBO Boxing)

  1. I had brook wining the fight but a very good stoppage. Brook broke his eye socket and did surgery after. But didn't really recover from this fight when he fought erral.

  2. THAT'S what a great trainer does, look out for his fighter! Everyone questioned his decision but the trainer may well have saved his fighter's career. But credit to Brook who was game at all times, and displayed good skills against the relentless GGG.

  3. GGG fought a predictable kind of fight same with Brook. The fight turned how people expected it to be. But at the same time, nobody wanted that kind of damage Kell took in this fight. He was never the same again after this when he fought Spence. What happened to his eye socket was result of fighting a guy who is way bigger and has much, much power than you. Still, respect to Brook.

  4. Kell Brook was very competitive in this fight from the first round. His trainer (dominic ingall?) was an asshole to throw in the towel when Brook was doing very well against Golovkin. Just because Golovkin had a great reputation before that fight doesn't mean that the opponent's trainer should automatically throw in the towel at the first perceived difficulty. Boxing is all about difficulty and overcoming adversity from the opening bell. I feel really bad for Kell Brook for having been robbed of his opportunity to demonstrate his heart and skill in the ring. His trainer should be fired and never be allowed to screw up opportunities for other excellent fighters going forward. What an jerk and a thief! This is not intended to take anything from Golovkin. He did his job the best he could. If anything,, the stupid decision by Kell's corner detracted from Golovkin's performance in the fight. It's just a shame that in these situations, the fighters themselves have their decision making power taken from them by some idiot that wasn't in the ring, taking the punches from the opponent, firing back in the face of adversity and showing their own courage and determination and will to win. All in all a disgustingly unfair decision by someone who hadn't earned the right to a vote on it in the first place.

  5. Great great fight the corner man stopping it was bullshit in my opinion but I guess he didn’t think he had it in him after the bout he seemed like he had energy but wasn’t angry so I guess it was a good stop I guess

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