39 thoughts on “Chris Eubank Sr "I was wrong about Jr" | New Trainer | Mayweather Comments | Groves & BJS Fights

  1. I have to say I really like Chris Eubank Sr, he's a very intelligent professional guy! I learned so much just from this 20 minute video! No wonder his son is an exceptional fighter!

  2. Eubank Snr has my utmost admiration and respect.
    He was the first man in the history of the sport to tell it as it really is and throw away all the romance that boxing conjures up with some people.
    Sometimes his choice of words may not fit in with the subject and his non sequitur's are popping up like ten pin's, but he is a cool guy is Snr and always worth listening to.
    He'll be a proud man after last nights display by Jnr, and rightly so.
    Stay cool man…and stay true.

  3. Eubank Sr has and had high hopes for his boy. Hes clearly a very loving and experienced world champion father who just wants the best. Eubank Jr didn't listen to him or his advice and lost 2 fights and now, father clearly feels the pressure because he's now up against a fighter with good pedigree. Dont worry Eubank Snr, he will get the job done and even if he doesn't, don't blame yourself. Kids let you down all the time! Eubank Sr was one cocky fighter though, even I wanted to punch him when he started doing those poses and now, wearing his Police badge everywhere! He grates on me!

  4. Eubank Jnr helped save a young boxers life in the sport and he has alot of words of wisdom. This is an easy KO for Eubank Jnr – he will get the job done.

  5. I'm convinced that Chris Eubank watched back this interview before it was uploaded, so he could change a few things, with edit's etc. If people pay attention to a few reaction shots, they don't seem right, it's almost they pulled a reaction shot from different moments of the interciew, and a reoccurring moment which is the exact same reaction, the "No Comment" moment which happens twice, I believe.

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  7. I wish Eubanks had one major fight against James Toney or Roy Jones. He never really fought any big names outside of Britain. His biggest names were COLLINS, Benn and Calzhage.

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