EXCLUSIVE: Deontay Wilder says Anthony Joshua fight will happen if negotiations are kept private!


Deontay Wilder believes an undisputed title fight with Anthony Joshua will finally be agreed when contract terms are kept “silent” between both world heavyweight champions.



Author: Sky Sports Boxing

21 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Deontay Wilder says Anthony Joshua fight will happen if negotiations are kept private!

  1. It takes far too long to get the big fights to happen. When they do even the boxers have passed there peak. Fury v Wilder 2020. Will that be too late for Fury to still perform at the top level or just collect his pension and say thanks hmmmph

  2. We are robbed Joshua vs wilder. We wanted to watch , Joshua being ducking until he got stuck by Ruiz.. I'm no longer interested watching Joshua vs wilder anymore.. Fury vs wilder, wilder vs ortiz rematches would be worth watching..

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  4. He sounds really ignorant. He sounds like a 5year old who can't use the right words to express himself. It's really terrible. He sounds ghetto. Ignorant. I wish he would go to some type of class. Or have a translator. So people who speak regular English could understand this dumbass. Lol😂 (most biggest) there are no big time heavyweight fighters. He's full of crap. Sounds like he's trying to hard to promote boxing.

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