Eddie Hearn on the WBC's treatment of Dillian Whyte after drug test allegations

Eddie Hearn says Dillian Whyte has been treated unfairly by the WBC after his suspension following his victory against Oscar Rivas.


Author: Sky Sports Boxing

23 thoughts on “Eddie Hearn on the WBC's treatment of Dillian Whyte after drug test allegations

  1. Still no b sample 🤔 it seems dillians got ukad on side. He'l be given a 6 month ban which probably will be time served. It wont be a good luck especially its his 2nd time. My fear, fighters wont come to the u.k in forseeable future. Its funny to think how hed have handled if dillian and aj were fighting in this scenario but thats a tad bit unfair on hearn

  2. Haha at some of the comments. Deontay beats whyte and Joshua in a same night. Will knock them out both unconscious. Olnly fury can cause problems to wilder, but I think wilder wins in the rematch.

  3. Hilarious to hear Eddie saying "we live in an age where you're supposed to be innocent until proven guilty". He obviously believes this and if you have never had to deal with the law that's what you believe because that's what the legal system tells everyone to believe. The actual truth is that our civil liberties have now been eroded away so much that it is simply not true and the erosion continues. The UK authorities have introduced laws whereby if the Police suspect that your lifestyle does not reflect your income they will ask you to prove where you get your money from. If you refuse – as is your right under privacy laws – they will get an order from a court that will oblige you to produce evidence and if you refuse this you will be assumed to come by your income by criminal means and they will confiscate your assets and sell them at auction. People will then be allowed to buy your property at knockdown prices – because they couldn't afford the real price – and they will be allowed to walk about with your things without having to prove their income levels. This IS the law and you literally could not make this up. So Eddie – these boxing 'rules' are toy-town compared to real life and in real life – in the UK in 2019 – the authorities are trampling over the top of us. You keep believing innocent until proven guilty is true! Oh, if you are a banker or a tech billionaire you can cook up all sorts of immoral money-making schemes that just trick people out of their money but since that's called "business", it's not illegal and that gives you the proof that your over-inflated income levels are 'legitimate'. This is the new world order!

  4. i think he had injury in camp used an illegal substance to recover quicker to keep training hence the passes before and after. Maybe injury to his hand that is why he had issue with gloves ? WATEVER HAPPENS AJ WILDER AND DILLIAN VS WILDER ARE THE BIGGEST FIGHTS THIS ERA BELTS OR NO BELTS I WANNA SEE IT !! ! just need to avoid the gypsy king not to get skoold the true boogie man the undefeated boogie man !!

  5. This was WBC’s wet dream. They don’t want him fighting wilder, they ignored him as long as they possibly could soon as this news dropped they knew that was their chance to get rid of him

  6. Here are the facts.
    1) Dillian Whyte has failed a drug test. 2 banned components, found in dianabol were in his urine. This is not something they can blame on over the counter supplements this time.
    2) This is not the first drug test he has failed. He may have had an excuse last time but it can’t be proven either way whether or not he’s telling the truth about that.
    3) UKAD (the one not paid for by Hearn and Whyte unlike VADA) was the one that caught him.

    3 pretty clear FACTS there but let’s ignore all of them because Eddie Hearn says Dillian Whyte is a good guy. The same Eddie Hearn who said no promoter should work with Jarrell Miller. In fact why do they even bother drug testing as long as the fighter says they didn’t do it that should be enough, since that’s all that Whyte has in his favour here and according to Hearn that should mean he doesn’t get banned.

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