‘THIS WAS NOT A COINCIDENCE!’ – Ruiz’s trainer Manny Robles confident in winning a rematch vs Joshua

Manny Robles speaks following Andy Ruiz Jr’s stoppage victory over Anthony Joshua.


Author: Sky Sports Boxing

50 thoughts on “‘THIS WAS NOT A COINCIDENCE!’ – Ruiz’s trainer Manny Robles confident in winning a rematch vs Joshua

  1. Me i really got a feeling funny feeling about this fight with Tyson fury and Tom Schwartz , i really think people are under estimating this guy , he can fight and punch very hard , with right hand , he throws the right hand right down the pipe , the same one like Fury ate from wilder and put him down in the 12th round please don't sleep on this guy Tom Schwartz , this guy looks like he fights like animal to me its like killed or be killed or i ko you before you ko me .

  2. I believe that if Joshua doesn’t Sure up his defense & use his reach more Ruiz will beat him decidedly again. His chin is suspect & that’s one thing you can’t improve… we shall see 👀

  3. Goes the same way if there is no difference in tactics from AJ. Ruiz was able to walk him back and take centre ring because AJ's jab was non-existent. No jab means little opportunity to range the right, and his accuracy was well off. He got caught trading on the inside with a shorter man with shorter reach, who will start and end his punches a lot quicker because of this "disadvantage". If AJ fights long, he frustrates Ruiz and sickens him over time. I think if he was to learn the Klitschko method of making the jab the main weapon and fighting tall, he'd fair much better against the shorter fighter – whether his cardio can cope with an increased punch output is yet to be seen. When watching the fight back in slow motion, you can see so many more moments that could have ended badly for AJ. Fair play Andy and Manny, a bloody likeable pair they are too.

  4. Well done
    Ruiz and coach did really good
    Now they can do better and stop worrying about surviving

    Good motivation story
    Down on his luck but carry on believing
    Rematch will be more exciting and hope it happens
    Hope AJ doesn't lose complete confidence and accepts rematch

  5. Mex/ USA vs uk staring to be some great rivalry..always bring heart ,war, friendship and cervesas(beer)..greeting to all my UK amigos..from mex..oh and go wolves…

  6. Th rematch will have a similar outcome aj will be mentally damaged knowing that the same thing can happen and hearn knows that too can't see a rematch happening anytime soon he's damaged goods even if he boxes him this time no way he will keep him at bay for for 12 rounds he will get caught and will wobble like jelly again will be lights out for aj again

  7. Get on the inside, let your hands go. Parker was prevented work on the inside by the ref when he fought Joshua. Whenever Parker got on the inside Joshua looked to the ref to break it up.

  8. Joshua needs new trainer, but I dont Think he want revenge this year, is to soon, he must change his whole boxing style, and it is a big risk, DAZONE invested one billion dollar in Joshua as their front man and champion for years, Joshua was the golden boy who was to help them to get in in USA market. Just imagine if Joshua loses again… , would you risk that? I dont Think so, if it will be revenge then it will be next year, but I dont Think it will happen.

  9. Ruiz is like a butterbean mkll .joshua should of jabbed & moved cos ruiz would of tired out chasing.Thought joshua would of gone for the body shots,I mean it's not like ruiz has a six pack.I dont like Joshua's defence with one hand up & one dangled down.Ruiz had both hands up guarding the face.Joshua just didn't throw enough punches as he would normally.Ruiz was using him like a lunch bag.Credit to joshua for making no excuses & giving ruiz credit.I dont think many would of predicted this result.Champion knocked down 4 times is embarrassing. Think you would have to go way back when Douglas beat Tyson for such an upset.If they have a re- match which surely they will joshua will have to have a change his game plan.Joshua himself said he struggles somewhat against the shorter boxers for some reason.He seemed to try & get a little lower with his stance to compensate.

  10. 6 months from now nobody will even know who Mexican BUTTERBEAN Migrant Andy Ruiz is. His fat ass went down too easy in the 3rd and AJ never once punched him in his soft belly. Like Lennix did Rahman the rematch Joshua does Ruiz in the rematch :^l

  11. The art of boxing is to hit and not get hit and Josh'es last few fights show how much he is lacking in being able to do that…

    Klitschko – Josh got nailed hard, coming within a whisker of being stopped, but Wlad let him off the hook. AJ won that fight on sheer youth and by going to war, not boxing skill. We put it solely down to how good Wlad was as the reason that Josh got caught.

    Takam – roughed Josh up and broke his nose. Josh looked technically awful that night. The cracks in Josh's technical game were starting to appear back then.

    Next, Povetkin – landed way too many shots on Josh. Josh had to revert to power-punch brawling his way to a win again. Another terrible night technically for Josh, where he had to rely on his toughness to win.

    Josh is incomplete as a boxer with his biggest flaw being his defense. The holes in his game have been evident for years. Why is this….? A large comes down to the coach.

    If you listen to the Sky Behind the Ropes documentary, you'll hear Mckraken say to AJ after he has hit the pads; 'nobody can stand up to that power, who can stand up to that!?' Trying to convince Josh that his power will win him the fight, yet you can't reign as heavyweight champ relying on offense.

    Look at McKraken's best piece of work – Carl Froch. Froch had massive holes in his technical game (exposed when he fought purer boxers in Ward, Kessler and Dirrel). Froch's defense, in particular, was poor, causing him to rely on power punching and toughness to win – exactly what Mckraken has instilled into Joshua.

    Joshua needs a coach who will teach him the defensive side of the game, rather than relying on toughness, power punching and steamrolling his way to victory.

    Nobody wants to say it, but nothing will change under McKraken – he has had Josh for years and just turned him into a man who relies on power punching rather than the art of hitting and not getting hit.

    Watching McKraken's pad work with Josh reveals it all. McKraken moves his feet in, as Josh stays static and throws power punches – a poor strategy for heavyweight boxing.

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